What's going on

First game finished!

Hooray! We finished our first game. Have a look at our games section to find all information about Space Monkey Madness: Escape from Space Captivity or visit this site to download it. If you can't wait just play it in your browser by clicking this link.

Website online

megacheesetoast.com is finally online. Here you will find our creations, the latest news and our contact information. This website will be updated frequently but not as frequently as our social media sites. So follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.


We are proud to announce our participation in the 2013 7DFPS challenge. Good luck and lots of fun to the other participants. Follow us on Twitter to receive updates on our progression.

Stuff we made

Space Monkey Madness

Space Monkey Madness: Escape from Space Captivity Space Monkey Madness: Escape from Space Captivity is our entry for 7DFPS 2013 where we had to create a First Person Shooter in seven days. It's a lastman standing FPS involving a platform based arena. Seven space monkeys are kidnapped by aliens and now have to battle eachother in a arena shooter game where only the best survives and is then allowed to return to their home planet. As space monkeys they of course have got jet packs that they can use seven times before they have to land again. There is a cylinder shaped platform with parts of it descending after a random amount of time and therefore reducing the size of the battle area every time.

Visit this site to download it or play it here in your browser.

WASD to move, Space bar to jump. Aim with your mouse and left click to shoot. If you touch the acid you die... and so will your opponents. Shoot your opponents to blast them off the plattform. Don't bother trying to reach the arena borders. The alien spectators will eat you!


...we have nothing else to show you yet.

Visit us soon to find more awesome games here but until then there's a viking riding a narwhal for you to enjoy.

a viking riding a narwhal

Who we are

We're two guys from switzerland with a passion for video games. Since we have great synergies with Davids skills in graphics and design and Philipps skills in programming and technical stuff we decided to found a new indie game studio back in july 2013.

Philipp Philipp is a 26 year old IT guru, programmer and tv shows fan based in Lucerne. He's the project initiator and the programmer of Mega Cheese Toast. He's having all the technical skills to make the stuff work. In 2012 he received his BSc Hochschule Luzern/FHZ in Computer Science specialisation in ICT Business Solutions. In his spare time Philipp is messing around with all sorts of new hardware like the OUYA, Oculus Rift and Leap Motion and of course drinking beer with friends. His favorite Movies are the Iron Man series and his favorite games include the GTA series, Battlefield series and many indie games.

David David is a 25 year old programmer, film geek and gaming enthusiast based in Kriens. He's taking care of the artistic side of Mega Cheese Toast and helps out with additional programming if necessairy. He's also heavily involved in the concept phase of our games. In 2012 he received his BA in Digital Film Making from SAE Zurich in cooperation with Middlesex University London and he will start studying Game Design at Zurich University of the Arts in september 2013. In his spare time David enjoys watching movies, playing video games, browsing the internet and drinking beer with friends. His favorite Movie is The Big Feast and his favourite games include the Monkey Island series, Fable and Fallout 3.

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